Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Someone got a bit sniffy about our comments on Shed Five here the other day and sent us some cryptic info about a jam eating competition featuring the man who started our favourite Auckland restaurant Euro , Simon Gault.

Well our good mate Mrs Ring Ding a Ling set us right with this link to the event at the Old Bank today.

Well all we can say is that Busted should have had an invite. We only have one jar of our hedgerow jam which contained, elderberries, greengages and rhubarb and plums. It is sublime....

It might just have won..


Cathie said...

Mate - there will be a rematch in 2011! And this time, I intend to compete too... So, save up a jar from next season (or 2) and compete.

Maybe we need to set up a Wellington CBD A&P Show? What do you reckon?

Catherine said...

Damn, have only just been made aware of your blogpost today. I organised the jam-off (in under a week admittedly), but everyone is saying they're up for next year. Will definitely contact you to be a participant for 2011 - your jam looks fricking amazing! Cheers, Catherine