Tuesday, 16 March 2010


We risk being banned forever from the VRWC for this post but someone has to say it.

Boomtown - you might think that your kids are cute when they are a bit " noisy " but us fellow travellers dont.

Charles Chauvel is not our favourite MP ( his partners a good dude though) but we are right behind him.

We just got a call from one of our very right wing mates who questioned if the father of the noisy kids was in fact really a right winger. He is incensed that any decent parent would think that its okay for his spawn to annoy other people and get away with it. We agree.

So often parents of today seem to think that their children are mini - me adults. They aren't - they are kids, - they need boundaries and they guidance. They do not need to be given parental assurances that lead them to think they are superior.

So sorry Boomtown - your kids need some finger wagging and you need to understand that it is not okay for children to think that they are more important than adults. They aren't.

So Charles might have been a bit queenie in showing his displeasure but after many a hard day on a flying bus we know the last thing you need to hear are the mutterings and posturings of some arrogant loud little over indulged know - all.

We suggest a few parenting lessons from Nigel Latta could be called for.


Anonymous said...

Outraged. Hey sometimes kids dont always behave like perfect little angels, its a 45 minute flight so the bigs girls blouse on the taxpayers tit should suck it up. As a parent sometimes they get a bit boistorous its not as if it was a flight to London. As a taxpayer and a Father this whinning blouse should STFU, what was he doing in AKL on our purse anyway.

Anonymous said...

I agree in principle bb.

But those who ride for free have no right to complain imo.

Will de Cleene said...

Hear hear. If I had a choice between chainsaws and kids crying, I'll go with chainsaws every time.

Anonymous said...

Charles could have chosen to be kind and helpful, rather than irritated and annoyed. After all, he is riding for free, and he is representing Labour. Dumb move. The kids were very young, so do not always listen to reasing, BB.


Thank You Busted Blonde.
As I have just blogged at my new home, I sympathise with Chauvel.
The last thing you want on a plane is screaming brats.

euminedes said...

Sorry - but Im still on charles side, I couldnt give a rats arse who was paying for his trip on Air NZ - the issue is with the uppity we are superior parents.

And i couldn't give a rats arse about their politics either.

Children need to know they are a part of society and not the centre of the universe. Even at a young age they can be tuaght to understand the notion of responsibility for ones behaviour. It is up to parents to define what is acceptable and what is not.
A a parent I would have been mortified if my son had been irritating other passengers. His behaviour would be a direct reflection on my values. I accept that all children will misbehave at some time but all to often these days naughty behaviour is indulged.

Anonymous said...

It is easy to control one child with one adult on a plane. When the number of children per parent goes up it is much more difficult. What would he know about the realities of raising children anyway? People need to lighten up. I do agree that some (not all) children are completely obnoxious over pampered over adored annoying little shits.

Seán said...

Yes, I couldn't quite draw the dots in his story. The comments from Chauvel went from:

"first, hissed,,,,,"Will you just shut up!""
"a more vocal....."Will you just shut up!""
"he turns to his friend in 3E and says........" I DONT KNOW WHY THEY LET THEM UP THERE""
which is summarised as:
"verbally abuse my 2 year old in front of my 3 year old"

So we have a hiss, a slightly louder hiss and a 'says'....and somehow this is verbal abuse?

It's hard to give credibility to the details of the story. Seems like a blogger trying to make his own 'news'.

Just my opinion said...

Yeah it's a true story but the journo that rang me was creaming themselves over nailing Charles.

Slow news day.

KG said...

A-bloody-men! Good post.

Gecko said...

I agree wholeheartedly with you BB, I don't care who's paid for what seat. The simple fact is, parents need to control their kids, especially in confined spaces, and NO, we don't find them as cute as their parents. I'll also go with Will and the chainsaws!

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of child-loathers. Charles had a short flight to contend with, them freedom forever, unlike the poor parents. Tolerance, come hither, two year olds do not understand hissings too well.

Anonymous said...

The father's story doesn't quite fit together. He says that the kids let out the odd squawk and a few yells, but then says Chauvel got shirty 20mins in, 40mins in, and again at the end. 20/40/end doesn't gel with "the odd squawk". It sounds more like there was an hour of screeching.

I think its likely the father's full of shit.

Anonymous said...

So much agree with this post. There is no way that these parents are right wingers, only the lefties let their kids run amok on their and others lives.
A true right winger disciplines their kids, lefties somehow believe that arguing with a child as if its an adult is the way to go.

Vinnie G said...

This post is WIN!!!!!

Genius!! We should get Samuel L. Jackson in to rid us of these m*********ing kids of this m*********ing plane!

Keeping Stock said...

Disagree - Charles hadn't had a "hard day" - he himself confessed to having had a "relaxing weekend" in Auckland, at the taxpayer's expense.

adamsmith1922 said...

Having had to suffer from innumerable nosisy children on flights long and short over many years, in all classes.

My agreement is with BB.

I dislike Comrade Charles, but I think hs has it right here.

One of my worst trips was some years ago, about 20 when my wife and I were in 1st class on Cathay, Auckland to Hong Kong and there was a family with 3 kids and a nanny up front as well, the kids screamed, then they ran around uncontrolled. Dreadful.

More recently on flight back from Australia had to put up with kids running up and down aisle .

Then of course there is the hardy perennial, the little sod who spends several hours kicking the back of your seat while parents ignore the little monster.

The fact that children are on a flight does not mean they should not be controlled.

I accept that coming into land some kids and indeed some adults suffer with the chang ein pressure, that does not mean the little sods can annoy everybody for the rest of the flight