Sunday, 21 March 2010


We have had a pretty laid back weekend. Our knee is buggered. So we have been resting up - hoping that it might get a bit better but an operation is looking increasingly likely.

However we have been busy. We have been reading the Meurant Chronicles.

Late last week - in time honoured form we received a parcel of documents.

Euminedes perhaps?

Essentially they are the reports and emails of Ross Meurant while he was employed by Vela fishing at the same time he was employed by Winston Peters.

They are illuminating , sometimes funny, occasionally revealing and often outrageous.

They also mark what we believe were the last days of the worst years of the seafood industry.

They are the documents that Phil Kitchin used as the basis of his expose on Winston Peters a story that broke in the Dominion a couple of days before the election in 2008 on November 1.

Anyway in the next few weeks we are going to release them. As we should - in the name of transparency and openness and history - they relate to the late 1990's and the 2000's.

So everyone can read them and draw their own conclusions.

They will keep political junkies happy for days.

And don't worry - the documents are safe.. very safe.


Keeping Stock said...

So they'll keep the lid shut on WRP's casket then? Please?

Farmer Baby Boomer said...

Well Done BustedBlonde. I suspect traffic on your blog is about to become quite a bit heavier.

Anonymous said...

Have a look at subscriber content on NBR today