Saturday, 27 March 2010


We are confident that New Zealand can follow the lead of Australia when it comes to looking at what ancilliary businesses can compliment mining.

Seems as there are some openings in the outbacks

The idea that a mining boom was attracting sex industry entrepreneurs to Alice Springs came as no shock to NT Resources Council chief executive Scott Perkins.

"Well, the mining industry has a long history of supporting local businesses," he said.

"On top of mining, there are many drilling operations."

We think that Great Barrier could see a rise in  a new type of tourism  with the advent of mining there. Maybe the development of a Love Boat business. Staffed with  women who know what men want and are good enough at it to command a high price for their unique services.

And a well appointed Winnebago could provide  love bus services to weary  miners.

Lisa Lewis  heres your chance......

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