Thursday, 25 March 2010



Labour’s mining hypocrisy laid bare

Labour’s hypocrisy over mining has been laid bare, says Energy and Resources Minister Gerry Brownlee, after new figures released by Crown Minerals today showed Labour approved more than 200 permits for mining on the Conservation Estate.

“This from the party that launched a campaign yesterday saying it was explicitly opposed to mining conservation areas – not just Schedule Four land, but conservation land full stop,” Mr Brownlee said.

“But if that wasn’t enough, we also have the release today of information that Labour approved a mining consent on land considered special enough to warrant Schedule Four status, the very behaviour Phil Goff has been decrying as unthinkable.

“It turns out Labour approved a permit in 2006 for mining gold, garnets and other gemstones on 168.5 hectares of land at Hart Creek, inside Paparoa National Park.

“Labour’s credibility on this issue is now shredded,” Mr Brownlee said.

Figures released by Crown Minerals [attached] show 218 permits were approved under a Labour government for mining inside Department of Conservation land between December 1999 and October 2008.

“The information shows Labour were happy for mining to take place on 21,961 hectares of land, meanwhile the government is seeking approval to release a mere 7,058 hectares of Schedule Four land, of which as little as 500 hectares might be mined,” Mr Brownlee said.

“And now Labour is running a web campaign that says ‘We’re against the idea of mining in our conservation areas.’

“This represents a new standard in hypocrisy,” Mr Brownlee said.



I have just posted a lovely pic of Phil Goff at the Pike River Mine last March, the mine that Chris Carter approved.
So on two occassions- election 2008 and its attempt to receonnect with the voters- we have Liarbour giving a different message to today.
Gerry Brownlee certainly found a rich new vein of Liarbour hypocrisy today.

Anonymous said...

This blog represents a new standard in pure dung

JC said...

"This blog represents a new standard in pure dung"

If you add dung and CO2 to the garden you can grow some great veges.. enough to be self supporting even in the lean times.

And if fabulous Phil were to lean over the fence and speak into the quarry near his office.. why, he could produce a veritable Eden.