Monday, 1 March 2010


We have been with Powershop for about 8 months now - its fantastic. We have found it easy transparent and we are confident that its saving us money .
We live in a two bedroom apartment and run the washing machine, dryer and the dish washer daily.

Oct $95.35
Nov $82.61
Dec $73.85
Jan $73.01
Feb $73.33

We reckon the savings have been substantive. But its also the interactions with Powershop that we like .. The service is fantastic. We reckoned it was so good we endorsed it on their website. And the sign up was very easy and they deal with your old supplier. Can't get better than that.

And they are running this competition so if you join to go into the draw to win $4000.

The only quibble we would have is all the " save the planet" products they have. We think they have dubious merit.


darryl said...

yeah me and my wife have been with Powershop for about the same amount of time and we totally agree that it is the best thing ever. We even have competitions to see how low we can get our power usage.

Lance Wiggs said...

Great to hear you are enjoying it - we at PowerKiwi love Powershop as well. We sell lots of FlowerPower - and also GreenPower and TreePower - two of the "save the planet" products. With Green Power we purchase carbon credits, and with Tree Power we buy trees from Trees for the Future. We bought a bunch of trees for Haiti last time.

We'd welcome any suggestions for better "save the planet" products. Mind you it is hard to sell these when almost all Powershop purchases are made on the basis of price.

David said...

The "savings" you see there are from the lower power use during summer.

The bills will rise into winter and fall again from spring.