Monday, 8 March 2010


There are two very important competitions coming up that showcase the best produce in NZ. Interestingly its not about organic or boutique type products - instead its about finding the best meat in the land - There is a bit of science and a bit of subjective tasting by a celeb tasting panel .

Well known Southland chef and beef and lamb ambassador Graeme Hawke has penned a fine article in the Southland Times on the two competitions - the Glammies for Lamb and the Steak of Origin for Beef, which are fast becoming the food Oscars of the primary sector. The competitions are run by Beef and Lamb NZ .We would love to see the beef and lamb from the Chathams and Ruapuke in the Competitions, the meat from both these islands has a unique taste we believe would be a marketers dream just as salt marsh lamb is in Britain .

Its a pity that the Seafood Industry doesn't do something similar.

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homepaddock said...

The Glammies are beign held at the upper Clutha A&P show in Wanaka this Friday adn Saturday - always both interesting and entertaining and if you're there at the right time you get to taste the meat.