Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Apparently a table of ten of my mates and guests at Dockside yesterday devoured 50 doz oysters between them. $47 a doz they were. The platinum cards melted under the pressure - by all accounts. The Dining prawn did his best but was overshadowed by the Greek prawn.

A little bit of conspicuous consumption every now and then is good for the economy....

Yeah baby!

And an update - TV3 has admitted via Throng that the oysters pictured behind the newsreader on the TV3 item were not Bluffies. Well done Phil Corkery for setting the matter straight.

Phil is a good bugger from down home. and still one of the best newsmen in the business.

I bet he ripped the philistine in charge of graphics another butt bit.


Cactus Kate said...

10 blokes do 50 dozen at 5 dozen each

My table of 8 at Soul did 42 dozen at 5.25 dozen each.

Victory to Auckland.

Anonymous said...

Cards of any shade should have been impervious to melting.... It was $130 for as many bluffies as one could feasibly poke in.

Anonymous said...

Sorry... I read Dockside as Viaduct. A very Auckland form of dyslexia.