Friday, 5 March 2010


LABIAPLASTY HUNGRY BEAST: EP 14 from Hungry Beast on Vimeo.

And apparently Kevin Rudd is keen to see it.

We think its a legitimate issue.

And it was sensitively handled. Hope it screen here .


Anonymous said...

Poor,dumb,stupid women not knowing or finding out what regular anatomy looks like!! One could criticise the plastic surgeons for being vultures but, free market and all that...........Get an anatomy book NOT a porn mag to look at normal variations.Talk about buyer beware.

Anonymous said...

That was very revealing. I had no idea. I wonder if the NZ publishers also have a similar problem with NZ censors.

Anonymous said...

Good item, sensitively covered.

My wife sometimes complains that she's not normal, too many bits protruding. I tell her she's beautiful, and am sure that there's nothing wrong with her.

It's like that Saffie doctor said - what's "normal" anyway? The majority of women are normal in the sense that there's a huge range or normal variation.

Same reason I liked that Dove campaign a few years ago, that used "normal" women to pose on their billboards etc. Not "perfect" size 4 bimbos.