Tuesday, 23 March 2010


We are heading south in about a month to Stewart Island in particular to a cute littlemuttonbird island at the entrance of Port Pegusus. We are pretty confident that any mining on Stewart Island is going to be In Our Back Yard.

We know one of the key areas on the island that is under consideration is likely to be the Tin Range. An ugly rock scarred ridge that sits atop Port Pegasus.

Mining has been attempted their before but it was too hard. It is also home tosome of what are called the rare earth minerals.

Pegusus on a good day is stunning - on a bad day it is hell.

We are confident and supportive of any attempt to mine in our back yard. Just as long as they sweep up the yard and put out the rubbish when they leave.


pdm said...

I like that attitude BB.

homepaddock said...

Well said.

Nothing wrong with a little careful mining and a lot right with the economic, social and yes even environmental benefits which could come from it.