Friday, 12 September 2008

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’

Bustedblonde is curious who else was at that table in Karaka ..

Audrey Young from the Herald has a good interview with Paul Moroney the trainer who heard Winstons exchange with Owen Glenn...

It would be interesting to find out when his sister and MP Sue
Moroney shared what she knew with the PM.

Mr Moroney said when the story broke and he saw Mr Peters' continued denials he realised he had crucial knowledge. "I said to people: 'I am staggered by what's happening here'."
He then made a "personal decision" to tell Mr Glenn what he knew knowing he was coming to New Zealand to appear before Parliament's privileges committee - but never spoke to him directly, dealing only briefly with an assistant.
Mr Moroney swore an affidavit of his recollections of Mr Peters thanking Mr Glenn as they sat together at the Karaka yearly sales in 2006.
Mr Glenn provided it to the committee as corroborating evidence on Tuesday.
Mr Moroney said he expected a backlash from the racing community as Mr Peters was a popular minister.
"This is not about the racing industry. This is about the truth. And I cannot walk away from the truth."

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