Monday, 29 September 2008


Business day has a nice round up on the Health select committee deciding to recommend the banning of tobacco displays .

ROARPRAWN is anti tobacco and this issue is about the impact tobacco has on kids.
Shame on the Nats - they reckon they need more evidence - wrong - the evidence presented was damning.

This from Business Day

"A Parliamentary committee says the Government should ban tobacco and cigarette displays in shops.

The Health Committee made the recommendation after considering a petition signed by more than 20,000 people in support of the ban.

The National Party, in a minority view, said there needed to be more evidence before implementing a ban.

There was already a ban on advertising tobacco products but they could still be displayed in shops.

The Health Ministry said there were over 10,000 retail outlets selling tobacco products, usually displayed in large highly visible units.

The New Zealand Association of Convenience Stores said tobacco products accounted for about 37 percent of members' annual sales.

The association said financial incentives offered to retailers by tobacco companies were confidential.

The ministry is looking at whether such arrangements are allowed, under smokefree legislation."

And this from the TVNZ Sunday programme - Kids are attracted by the displays in shops.

This legislation still allows tobacco to be sold - it just doesnt allow it to be displayed..


Anonymous said...

Never tagged you as a nanny stater Prawn. People make their own decisions in life, and the evidence I'm afraid, if ASH is involved, is quite certainly misrepresented. I don't smoke or even like smoking, but making cigarettes more "invisible" is just as likely to increase the attraction as decrease it.

BTW, I think I preferred the original dish of scampi picture, mouthwateringly good.

euminedes said...

lordy I am no nanny stater - the evidence presented by the Cancer Society was what convinced me. It is solid and not emotive. Shop keepers still get to sell the stuff they just cant have it on display.. Simple..

motella said...

Hey Prawn - love the new logo! Also surprised on your take with this one
...I hate and loathe smoking but detest above all state involvement in what should be free trade between consenting adults.
Good on the Nats on this issue (they also surprised me)

Anonymous said...

No thanks to that kind of commercial censorship by the state. Next, pies and chocolate bars will be concealed to satisfy the food nazis.