Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Key picks up the pieces, my mum will still vote for him

John Key didn't do a bad job picking up the pieces on Close - Up tonight on TVNZ

It could have been much worse and its pretty much as I said - the bugger has quite a few shares and he wouldn't know what numbers he had - just that he lost money! - however he should have fronted up with the discrepancy earlier...

Fran Mold will undoubtedly be made an honourary member of the Labour party...

Even Guyon Espiner was dismissive of her story....

So Mr Key - from the Roarprawn school of PR - get in a huddle with your people and go over everything you can think of that someone can have a crack at and then subject that to the " "My Mother in Alexandra" test..

That is: Can you convince her you are upfront? She wasn't impressed last night.
There was a lot of tut, tutting and you dont want mums in this country, tut tutting.

Then get Sean Plunket ( apparently he's in the market for some new activity ) to scare the Bejesus out of you ... and then you will be ready to front anything...

Don't lose heart though boyo - this is a tough game and you need to harden up a bit... No more flubbing.

The Prawns are all in your corner so get out there and do the good thing.

Your country needs you!

We need to end the Labour New Zealand First Axis.

Kia Kaha Hone.

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homepaddock said...

Some very discerning people live in Alex, your mother is obviously one of them :)