Friday, 26 September 2008

Labour extremists planned to sacrifice MP in smear campaign.

The story we have been alluding to the last couple of days is a hoax. This is as crazy as it gets. I find it unbelievable that anyone would deliberately sally the reputation of someone.
We weren't prepared to - we would not use the name until it had been thoroughly investigated.

Did Labour ever think about what would happen when this MP's name was released?

did they every think of the pressure he was under as journalists came knocking asking about his sex life?

The emails will be released to journalists who I am sure will follow this up with renewed vigour.

Taking down your opponents is one thing but taking down one of your own to prove a point???

Sick - very very sick.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the sick ones are you and your mates promoting what you are now saying is a hoax, knowing that so many bone lazy journalists lap up every sick word you all say.

euminedes said...

Not sure what you are getting at - I never mentioned any names - and I was waiting for two of the most respected journos to follow up on the story - which was a legitimate course of action - We worked out the dates discrepency yesterday and one of the journos was also pretty convinced it was not true last nite.

Anonymous said...

So why do you think it came from Labour? And what would their motive be?

Anonymous said...

Because they have confessed I hear

Anonymous said...

My guess is they were trying to set Whale up to look like a dick for making false allegations against one of their own. Didn't quite work.

Randominanity said...

What utter bullshit!

Amazing isn't it that certain bloggers were happy to titillate with innuendoes and veiled references without having the balls to put their claims on the line.

Obliquely sidestepping around the issue and pretending to take the moral high ground, when what you and others were in fact doing was running a campaign of sleaze, rumour, and character assassination, is completely reprehensible.

The rumour was risible. And I have to say the claim that the bloggers are making that they were set-up is, in my opinion, equally ludicrous.

euminedes said...

no its not - it was a an attempt at at set up - go to

Anonymous said...

What is this?! Nice little set up - spread innuendo then when you, whaleoil and others feel the heat, turn it around and shift the blame. Disgusting and sleazy oh great fighter for the truth!

euminedes said...

Heat - hell boy i was raised in the kitchen of eternal fire. I'm sure the details will reveal themselves over the next 24 hours... and I have a clear conscience.

Anonymous said...

To the sanctimonious pricks who deign to critiise the bloggers, go stick your head where there is no sunshine.

There is way more good coming out of these sites than harm.

If you don't like what is written here piss off and read Alice in Wonderland. Lots of pictures to help you understand.

Just my opinion said...

Geeze Poneke, from that it shows that you don't give a fig for the MP that was slandered by his left wing comrades. Nice.