Monday, 22 September 2008

I can smell the fear from here..

I'm in the deep south.. Snow on the hills reminds me that the whites of the eyes of one Winston Peters will be gleaming today as he shivers in fear with the realisation that the one man who knows way too much, will talk..

Sorry Winston, the privileges committee is really a lovely entertaining sideshow - and once we are done with that we can concentrate on the main game.. Lots of smelly fish.

7 weeks of pressure for Winston- will he handle it?

Meurant isnt the only one stepping up to talk. There are others.

And Clark whose leadership I detested but admired, I now find loathesome - she has lost the one thing I gave her - respect.

This is going to be a sorry chapter in New Zealand's political history and Clark should have held to the principles she espoused in her youth.

It would be a bugger to see a woman like her, remembered most for smelling of dead fish.

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Bristleface said...

This post (alluding to something fishy) made in May 2006 must have been prophetic...