Friday, 26 September 2008

Site round up - Roarprawn growing fast.

QB at the Hive got all gloaty over increases in traffic - well done the Hive.

Roarprawn, although very new, has grown exponentially - averaging 1200 hits a day this week ....and logging 13,000 unique visitors since the 7th of September. My previous counter says over 21,600 have visited the site, and I had it on about ten days before the new site meter was attached.

I launched the site on the 10th of August.

All the VWRC sites are reporting an increase in traffic..

Scampi is still very popular, Kick Arse Economics about Stephen Jennings was also a favourite as was racing and of course anything to do with sex!

And thanks for all of those who have left comments - Anonymous is a very busy boy...

And I haven't forgotten those who want to join the Prawn team .. I will be in touch next week with the yay or nay.

The site will change a bit over the next week or so.


Just my opinion said...

Good work! Keep it up.


Yes, well done Roar Prawn.
The VRWC looks forward to meeting you when you are in the big bad city.

homepaddock said...

I didn't realise prawns had such a strong bite before :)

It's great to have another boldly blue site doing so well.