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Its about Mana Winston and you dont have any anymore

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More lies from the narcissist

Peters says Maori Party betrayed him

Winston Peters' accusation the Maori Party betrayed him has been hotly denied by the party, which says it came under political pressure from Labour to vote in his favour.
Mr Peters told Radio Waatea that Maori MPs had said publicly they would back him in the privileges committee inquiry into the $100,000 donation from businessman Owen Glenn.
Parliament censured Mr Peters yesterday for failing to declare the $100,000 that was used to pay the fees of his lawyer Brian Henry.
The committee said the evidence showed that Mr Peters knew about the donation, despite his ongoing protestations of ignorance.
National, the Greens, the Maori Party, ACT, United Future and independents Gordon Copeland and Taito Phillip Field backed the censure motion, with Labour and NZ First opposed.
Jim Anderton broke ranks with Labour and abstained.
Mr Peters said National and ACT had predetermined their position before any evidence had been presented.
The Maori Party had taken part in "treachery" against him.
"The Maori party had told Maoridom ... that they were backing me and stood behind me on this issue," Mr Peters said.
"They get there and look to their political alignment and the kind of weight they can wield on election night, if they have got enough votes, and they lined up with John Key."
Mr Peters said he had been shocked that Maori would not back Maori.
Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples said his party's stance was not about Mr Peters but "accountability and integrity" which was important to all MPs.
"All of us in the Maori Party have deliberately refrained from criticising Mr Peters in the public arena," Dr Sharples said.
"In addition, both my co-leader Tariana Turia and I have offered our personal best wishes to Winston to see him through this inquiry."
The party had not jumped to any conclusions and considered the evidence carefully.
On the balance of evidence it had agreed that Mr Peters had known about the donation and should have declared it.
Dr Sharples said he was not only taken aback by the personal attack from Winston Peters, but was disappointed at the personal lobbying by a NZ First staffer and a government minister over the past weekend to influence the Maori Party's decision prior to the vote.
"Both Tariana Turia and myself were disgusted with this kind of activity, aimed at perverting the course of justice and fair play."
Mr Peters said in the interview all those who voted to censure him had not got the facts right or were politically motivated.
The Greens had voted against him because NZ First had shut them out of government after 2005, United Future because it went with the political wind and Mr Peters said he had no idea about Mr Field's position but it appeared he "did not understand loyalty".
Throughout the interview Mr Peters maintained he did not know about the donation until Mr Henry told him about it in July
"I will go to my deathbed saying that, because it is true," Mr Peters said.
MPs who voted for the censure motion said events of December 14, 2005, had been crucial.
It was proved during hearings that Mr Peters held a phone conversation with Mr Glenn on that day and called Mr Henry immediately after. Minutes later Mr Henry emailed his bank account details to Mr Glenn so the donation could be paid into it.
Mr Peters and Mr Henry said money was never discussed that day, but the MPs thought otherwise.
The committee has given Mr Peters seven days to submit accurate donation returns for the last three years.
Mr Peters said the motion was wrong because it retrospectively applied new rules about declarations.

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