Monday, 22 September 2008

Muck files - deep and dirty shite

Oh hell if it is gonna get rough the Blonde and the other Growlers ( Get Rid Of Winston and Labour ) soldiers will the be last standing - we have piles of poop!

from the Hive and talk of Neutron Bombs

Not content with riddles, Whaleoil is now onto neutron bombs.This all seems pretty old hat to me, though the version being relayed seems to be a merging of two stories/speculations and combining them into one.If it is true that Labour are about to associate themselves with this rumour, then we wish them great luck. We can't see how it can help them at all. No doubt Brent Edwards will try and make a big thing of it.We thought that this election was all about trust, not about muck. But if they want to start throwing muck then it will be very interesting to see where the much settles. Just off to open our muck files. Some of our stuff is REALLY good.
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And from the Whale

Labour are desperate, you can almost smell the fear and you can certainly see it in their actions, words, and planning.
Helen Clark has this morning told us she doesn’t believe in fairies or in opinion polls that have National above 50%. One thing is for sure, the tooth fairy sure as hell doesn’t exist for her.
Labour and the left have a general meme that National can’t get 50% because nowhere else in the world with MMP has anyone ever got more than 50%. Than of course doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t happen it just means that it hasn’t happened yet. it may well yet happen, but that is up to the people.
Meanwhile as the polls confirm national has more than 50% support from the electorate, and that is more than 50 polls btw, Labour is getting ready to drop its “neutron bomb”. For months in the house they have alluded to it, now with the paarlous state of the polls that Clark doesn’t believe in they are set to launch.

Bring on the bomb we say - go on Bring. It. On!

The VRWC is ready to chuck and biff and tell stuff!


Anonymous said...

Looks like the bomb was that John Key had more shares in Tranzrail than he said.

About as exciting as Helen signing a painting she didn't do me thinks - but the pimply gits at the Stranded will be apoplectic.

Tanya Stebbing said...

Yeah, utterly dull, what a yawn, is that the best they can do? Fizzle, fizzle.