Tuesday, 23 September 2008

cullen on the other hand looked like a dick.

Hooton has a nice piece on why My mother will be tut tutting about Cullen tonight - he was a tosspot.

And a jumped up tosspot at that .. has the man no humility??????

Read here for Hootons , as ever, classy analysis


Anonymous said...

National needs Cullen on TV every night. He is their best vote winner.

The arrogant, smart arse, "I'm better than you peasant", is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, Baby face Cullen at age 60+ (coutesy of mr Botox?)
One thing that intrigues me. Cullen,despite his evil manner appears to have led a blame free unblemished life. I cannot recall ever seeing hom tainted with any scandal or doing anything improper.Now it just cannot be so. He
been in uni and politics a long time and I just don't believe he has never crossed the line. The man is not a saint.(oh perhaps Helen thinks so).
According to his register he owns virtually nothing so one is led to assume it is hidden from view.
Now there are some savy dudes out there so surely we can did up some dirt on him to wipe Cheshire smile of his face. Get digging you guys.

Anonymous said...

He taught me at University some lifetimes ago. He was a smug self satisfied little gimp back then. Nothing has changed.

Keeping Stock said...

Great post BB - you have inspired me!!