Thursday, 25 September 2008

Racing industry reputation in tatters

Roarprawn blogged on this a couple of days ago .... read it again here

Trainer shrugs off tyre-slashing

4:00AM Thursday Sep 25, 2008
By Patrick Gower

Champion horse trainer Paul Moroney has had a tyre slashed, but he does not believe it was by someone angry that he potted popular Racing Minister Winston Peters.

Mr Moroney said he found one tyre punctured with a sharp instrument when he arrived early at the Matamata racetrack.

The trainer had feared a backlash from the racing community after he provided a sworn affidavit to Parliament's privileges committee to back up Owen Glenn's claim that Mr Peters thanked the Monaco-based billionaire at the Karaka yearling sales for a $100,000 donation.

But Mr Moroney believed the tyre was damaged in relation to a minor work-related dispute within the Matamata racing community.

"I don't think anyone could be angry enough to come down to the track at 4am and slash my tyre," the Matamata trainer said.

He said he had actually had a lot of support for the stand he took.

He had not had any backlash and, he said, he had not lost any customers.

"I've actually gained a couple of horses from this."

Well what would you say if you were Moroney - I am not so charitable and if you think there isn't any venom in the Racing industry over this all you need to do is log on to RaceCafe to see the vitriol first hand...

and can anyone in the racing industry tell BustedBlonde more about the industry view on giving growth enhancing drugs to yearlings?????


Anonymous said...

The only question I have of the racing industry is this:

Why is Lisa Cropp still riding about 2 years after she tested positive for P?

This is as much an indictment on the owners and trainers who put her on their horses as it is on the lawyers who have manipulated the judicial system.

Anonymous said...

If I was really pissed off why would I give him the luxury of using the spare. He would have had four flat feet.

At the worst a warning shot but probably an accident