Wednesday, 24 September 2008

A split in the ranks ???? Coup???

No sooner had the prawns put up the the post on Shane Jones being shitty with the lack of integrity in Labours ranks than the email and and phones went crazy.....


Bugger me - the finks in labour are ratting out their bosses in the hopes that National will employ them when they get in.. It's understandable in the land of mortages nappies and lattes.

So add to a disgruntled Shane Jones,

  • A gobsmacked Lianne Dalziel ( remember she is a lawyer and it wont pass her test)

  • Phil Goff - the man most respected by National - because, well he is centre right. And he has integrity.

  • And Damien O'Connor. He got demoted for being a dork to a list place that means he's gonna have a tough job getting back in even if Labour wins... So he gets to watch peters who is a dishonest deceptive lying dork get all the protection Clark can give him.. So he is "spewing" according to my source ....


And just in - Add Russel Fairbrother to the growing ranks of the Labour NZ Axis who can't stomach corruption...

My, My - do we have the making of a coup ???


Anonymous said...

I know that Dalziel has a law degree. But that does not make her a lawyer.
As the Duke of Wellington famously said, being born in a Stable does not make one a horse.
Same principal applies.
H2 will be busily squashing insurrection and why do think Goff is in the US?

Anonymous said...

I knew Russel Fairbrother at varsity
and he was a great guy. I can't imagine why he is supporting that lying arsehole Peters given Russel's pedigree.

What these guys forget is in years to come this pathetic scenario will be replayed countless times, and if they look Dicks now, that image will grow. Cullen is not worth talking about, likewise Clark, but guys like Jones do have moral fibre, and they want to divorce themselves now from this whole affair so they don't become tainted by association.

Swimming said...

Good to see someone else has noted Shane Jones'disgruntlement