Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Hmm look what we have here ? undisclosures!

Its not easy being green....

Wow bugger me, the Hive has this. QB is getting leaks from Labour finks as well now....

Remember the $1 billion in funding, in part to subsidise home insulation, negotiated by the Green Party as part of the agreement to vote for the ETS?

Guess who owns shares in the company that makes this product????

This really stinks. Of course it would be too much to hope for One News to pick this up.

and apparently its Jeanette Fitzsimons Green party co leaderess

Hmm funny that Labour chose to turn the spotlight on Key and not Jeanette Fitzsimons over this -

Reminds me of animal farm ... some are more equal than others....

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Anonymous said...

> Fletcher Insulation
Tasman Insulation
> No. 1 in Australasia
> Australian business performing
better following merger
> Australia 64% share
> New Zealand sole manufacturer
75% market share

So they'll get $750m of the $1bn??