Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Come on Jim - get hard!

This in from Stuff/NZPA

Anderton to abstain on Peters censure vote
Labour's closest ally is refusing to toe the line and support New Zealand First leader Winston Peters but will not vote to have him punished either.

Jim the Claytons Minister - BB
Progressive leader Jim Anderton said he would abstain from today's vote on whether to support recommendations in yesterday's privileges committee report.
The report found that Mr Peters knowingly provided false or misleading information about $100,000 donated by expatriate billionaire Owen Glenn and recommended that Mr Peters be censured.
It also recommended that the party be ordered to provide amended returns for 2006, 2007 and 2008 to the pecuniary interests registrar......
........Mr Anderton, the sole member of his party in Parliament, is in coalition with the Government and holds ministerial roles.

"NZ First was clearly accepting donations at a time when it was attacking everyone else for taking money from big business. For that the party has some explaining to do to the voting public," Mr Anderton said.He said the privileges process was flawed and that people on all sides had given views about the outcome.

"I don't believe anyone approached the hearings with an open mind and reached a decision after deliberating the evidence," he said."I challenge anyone to say the committee observed any of the standards we would expect from a genuine process of inquiry."

Well the Labour and NZ First members didnt but the rest of the committee did, Jim. BB

Mr Anderton said he was abstaining because voting on the censure would make no difference to New Zealand and was pointless.

No Jim what you are doing by abstaining is pointless - BB

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