Tuesday, 23 September 2008

What do we tell our kids Mr Cullen?

This from Stuff and Tim Donoghue ( he knows how to write a good yarn )

Nats 'engineered public hanging' for Peters
LATEST: Deputy Prime Minister Michael Cullen has accused the National Party of using the privileges committee to engineer a public hanging for NZ First leader Winston Peters - while National has blamed Prime Minister Helen Clark for 'denigrating' the process.

please Michael, a hanging ???!!! -No the committee is a group of MP's expected to act in the best interests of the institution they are privileged to be part of - rather than acting like, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil monkeys..

Parliament has been debating the privileges committee's finding that Mr Peters misled Parliament by not declaring a donation of $100,000 from Monaco-based billionaire Owen Glenn.
The debate began with committee chairman Simon Power moving a resolution that Parliament should order Mr Peters to amend returns for the years ended 31 January 2006, 2007 and 2008 to cover any gifts, debts, or payments in kind he had not previously registered.

He said the committee had recommended unanimously that the Standing Orders Committee review the rules around pecuniary interests to "provide an authoritative source of advice for members".
Dr Cullen said Mr Glenn was a good witness before the committee, providing he stuck to the instructions of his lawyer, but he had not been subjected to tough questioning and contradicted himself at a press conference the following day.
"He did not like it when he was not getting his own way," Dr Cullen said.
Dr Cullen said it was likely Mr Henry had approached Mr Glenn for the donation.
"The majority found it was the first narrative which was correct [That Mr Peters had approached Mr Glenn for the $100,000 donation]. The minority has serious doubts about that narrative," Dr Cullen said.

Yip even Anderton isn't willing to walk along side you on this one - what does that say?

Dr Cullen described the findings of the committee as a public hanging orchestrated by the National Party in the build-up to the election.
"There is no doubt [Gerry] Brownlee as an ex-carpenter will erect the scaffold," Dr Cullen said.

nice turn of phrase - puerile sentiment... Cullen - you are definitely a toss pot.

National's deputy leader Bill English said the issue was a straight forward one.

Wow the boy from Dipton cuts to the chase - Go Bill !

"We have to make sure there is full transparency around donations to politicians," he said.
He said Parliament was eminently forgiving of human weakness if people were open.
"I am very concerned about the way the Prime Minister has gone about denigrating the process... she has had a crack at our public institutions.
"In one day she alleged the Serious Fraud Office and the Crown Law Office were responsible for leaking information to the leader of the Opposition. To attack them out of political convenience is unacceptable."

Mr English said the prime minister had been briefed on the process by her deputy and other MPs the whole way through.
"The prime minister of New Zealand has alleged this process was tainted. I say this was an outrageous statement to make.

Bloody good one Bill, it is outrageous.

"Helen Clark it now appears has no respect for this institution and the MPs in here being judged by their peers."

And this is truly the scary bit.... Up until now MP's seemed to show respect for the institution of parliament - this sad, sorry, sick affair has shown that respect is gone...

Can someone tell me how we explain this to our kids ????

Why the hell would they vote?

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