Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Key must do better ( but the prawns still love you)

John Armstrong from the Herald reckoned keys has been blemished but its wasnt a king hit.

John Key's once squeaky-clean image has been blemished by his failure to disclose the full extent of his Tranz Rail shareholding before Labour embarrassed him by doing it for him.
But his reputation is a long way from being irrevocably tarnished by Labour's revelation that he owned 100,000 shares in the rail operator when everyone had been led to believe the figure was closer to 30,000.
Labour has finally landed a big hit - but not the king-hit it has been looking for.
The story, which dates back to 2003, is too old and arcane for most voters to be bothered about.
The only thing that has really changed since July when the Prime Minister first alleged Key had a conflict of interest is that the actual number of Tranz Rail shares he owned back in 2003 has been found to be much higher than thought, thanks to the dogged digging of Labour's taxpayer-funded Parliamentary research unit. More from Armstrong Here

Yes it was only a blemish because the story was so bloody thin but Key needs to tidy up his media act and fast.

I watched the whole thing - Paul Henry rogered him... and Henry is " sympathetic" to centre right politics - remember he stood for National - but he did not show any bias at all this morning... which says a lot about his integrity.

It is now critical that Key gets some high powered media help.

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