Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Coup part 2 - more MP's with integrity

Heres the list of Labour MP's who are sickened by the PM supporting the corrupt Winston Peters

Phil Goff
Annette King
Damien O'Connor
Lianne Dalziel
Russell Fairbrother
Shane Jones

and don't forget Jim Anderton

All labour staffers who have and do supply Roar prawn with good oil will get a bottle of Spy Valley - Echelon -


Anonymous said...

Russell patsy-questions-in-the-priviledges-committee Fairbrother? Really? Is he changing horses for post election?

Anonymous said...

I watched and listened to his speech yesterday.. He was being careful to stick to technicalities and I thought at the time it looked like a climbdown.


Anonymous said...

Russell was a National Party member for many years.

When he got the nod for Labour in Napier there was disbelief and dismay in the LP at a local level.

Word was the orders came down from LP HQ.

Of course, the locals were right - he lasted one term and then promptly lost one of Labours previously safest seats.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Fairbrother could think for himself these days. Cullen and Clark probably had his speech written for him and he would have just read it.

Anonymous said...

MP's with Integrity?
If they had any integrity they would have stood up and been counted earlier.
This is more like rodents and a sinking ship.