Sunday, 28 September 2008

blogging under threat

Just when I thought that I had found a creative outlet for the ghost old journalist that still lurks within, that No Minister has blogged on that fact that this brave new frontier may soon see the emergence of sheriffs and posses.

Bummer.. I quite like the free for all format. Its a bit like the rules of parliament - without having to be an MP.

And I see Poneke's being all pious.. now Poneke is a delightfully elegant writer who loves things that go click, whir and bang but he's a bit off beam on the hoax story.

Im with Queen Bee, at the Hive

I think the issue would be sorted quite quicklyif the police were given the matter to examine.

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Spaz said...

Shit, after devouring all the "legimate" media, I was becoming to believe that you and Queen Bee were the answer.
Do we descend to the uninformed views and innuendo that have "served" us over past decades?