Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Shane Jones knows lots about Winston

From the Hive

Those doubting the existence of a formal axis between Labour and new Zealand First can be in no doubt after Labour's decision to politicise an otherwise non-politicised process around the privileges committee process. I know several members of the Labour caucus are ashamed by their Leader's decision to keep associating with the little liar. They should be. If things continue down this course expect Labour to spawn yet another breakaway party. To date it has spawned the Alliance, United, ACT and Maori.

Yes, Apparently my Maori sources say that Jones is really whakama ( embarrassed ) about his party and how it is fawning over Winston - Remember Mr Jones was a Maori Fisheries Commissioner for well over a decade and he knows where many of the bodies are buried and its not at sea..

He has been talking privately about how disgusted he is about having to support Winston .

He had the chance to become a National MP -( Shane is very centre right) but chose Labour -

Bloody shame really.

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