Sunday, 28 September 2008

Winston , tired and throwing narcissistic tantrums on TVNZ Agenda

The full transcript is here at TVNZ

More of the same but - two points of note

The first -the best line from Guyon Espiner

I'm actually asking the questions here Mr Peters, if you want to be a journalist then you can halve your salary go to polytech learn shorthand and actually swap sides with me…

This gem from Winston on who will vote for him.

"We'll go strongly after the vote right across the country in this election and particularly in the areas where we believe we are strong, but we're not ruling any vote out, there are people who are millionaires who will vote for New Zealand First in this campaign."

Yip Winnie we know ALL the millionaires who will vote for you -

Racing magnates , fishing magnates, Boxing promoters and people on parliamentary services payrolls like Tommy Gear.

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