Monday, 29 September 2008


One of the things on Nationals agenda is to create t some efficiencies in the public service.

There has been some high level talk about how to consolidate some departments, ministries and organisations.

Getting rid of Women's Affairs is top of my agenda - as is Families Commission - They should be folded back into the Super Social Development Ministry.

Its big, but it largely does a reasonable job.

Ministry for the Environment
could be devolved into both Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and DOC without too much trouble.

But the one that is being talked about openly, is the amalgamation of
MORST, FORST and Trade and Enterprise. There are suggestions that if he is returned Pete Hodgson is planning a significant change of his own, a merger of the three. Collaboration between the three has increased this year and Hodgson wants more efficiencies.

Trade and Enterprise is the logical
umbrella for the other two as it will give them a sharper commercial focus.


homepaddock said...

You've got my vote on canning Women's Affairs and the Families Commission.

The others you suggest make sense too.

Spaz said...

I am not sure you understand the communications process.

But current government department insistance in building up their PR workforce would be bloody funny if it wasn't stupid and naive.

Departments such as you mentioned could save millions and lose absolutely nothing! I am sure that's the way National will go.

Anonymous said...

i know a few research scientists who would rather go without money than go through the application process for money from the various funding agencies as they are so long, convoluted and process driven for small volumes of money.


euminedes said...

you reckon spaz? Im inclined to agree - so where to old and tired amnd redundant spin doctors go?