Thursday, 25 September 2008

Back to Scampi

Winston got seriously ruffled in the house when David Carter needled him over scampi - Winston blathered about not knowing where the Simunovichs live.Why would he say that? And no we haven't forgotten scampi.


Anonymous said...

How come there are witnesses who saw him leaving Simunovich's olive farm early one morning during the Select Committee hearing.

Remember WP, there is lots more to come, the birds are coming home to roost and they are not white doves.

Anonymous said...

Carter should stop paying hookers with crested envelopes.

Anonymous said...

I know if Meurant doesn't sing he has a friend who knows all and will sing.

Wonder what Peter, Winston and Vaughan would look like in striped pyjamas.

Anonymous said...

If the pajamas come to pass be advised when showering, don't drop the soap. Vaughan never misses a chance