Monday, 29 September 2008


Bugger me , I thought that this was the outstanding news of the week - a direct air service from Masterton to Auckland.

The Aussie Rock and I have a block of lovely land and a really big shed with a really big bed just north of Masterton so I was delighted to read about the new air service on STUFF this morning .

Kate takes the piss - but hell the Wairarapa is a very happening place, lots of very eligible bachelors over there and plenty of married men who are looking for a bit of off the radar action so if i was her I would be jetting in as soon as she gets a long weekend.


Cactus Kate said...

Hilarious Roar Prawn considering your new caricature looks like Jenni McManus riding a prawn.

I don't drink red or white, only bubbly stuff and as for farmers? Good lord, every man in my immediate family has ended up a farmer. Marrying one is hardly something to aspire to!

For me personally it's the constant smell of cow shit on the clothes and ghastly fingernails that just makes me want to get to Auckland ASAP.

euminedes said...

well i reckon i would have to shed about 20 kgs to look like the prawn rider. always fancied myself as riding the white charger when i was a scribe. Never thought I would be riding the red prawn of justice!

sheesh girl you need to get a life - got a mate like you - if she can't smell the latte on the breeze she hyper ventilates. Took her to the Block and she minced in gummies - now as you well know it is very hard to mince in red bands but she did it with aplomb.

That being said Im at home at Euro, Docky, and Boulcott Bistro... I just happen to love the cry of demented sheep and cows in the morning

euminedes said...

and VW is staying tomorrow nite so I will get all the goss on yer as well...