Thursday, 25 September 2008

Cactus Kate seems to have gossip as well

Bugger me - Catcus Kate is wired in - funny a few rumours have come off shore first -- good on you kate for sharing the love....

here is her latest missive from far far away

Plenty are wondering why Dear Leader when given the chance to sack Peters and look strong, eased off and then defended him.

In this post from the fabulous female aptly named Queen Bee (is it Bee for bitch?) there lies a theory that Winnie has something over Dear Leader and it's a lot larger than the disgusting allegations of the "San Francisco affair" or indeed anything personal to do with Dear Leader that's normally bandied about.

The Eurocrats that I met in the South of France (specifically the colourful chap that I picked up in Nice and took to St Tropez) on my Find Owen mission were a little loose with the lips and bragged after several bottles of Chateau Friggin Pricey that they had a mole in Winnie's office. This after I explained the purpose of my search and retrieval of all Owen Glenn evidence.

I dismissed it at the time as poseuing and trying to impress my friend as he was taking his top off in the sun explaining how he would invite them out on his yacht and introduce them to some local YMCA's, as a few seemed well acquainted with this chap from the EU sojourn in 2007.

Perhaps I shouldn't of been so dismissive and asked a few more good questions.

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