Friday, 19 September 2008

Audrey is my hero

Audrey Young at the Herald shows that she is in top form again with her latest coverage of this complicated story.. And it points to more lies by Winston....

The formerly secret Spencer Trust may have paid the $40,000 court costs awarded against Winston Peters in his unsuccessful Tauranga electoral petition against National MP Bob Clarkson.
Such a payment would have been perfectly legal but it would be at odds with what the privileges committee has previously been told by Mr Peters, the New Zealand First leader, and his lawyer Brian Henry.
And a declaration to Parliament may have been required.

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wanaka fisherman said...

It appears that both Peters and Henry may have misled the Privilege's Committee re the $40,000. Its one thing to lie in Public but its another notch up to mislead the PC. Maybe Cullen and his mates will take a realistic view of this behaviour
and reward it suitably.
I liked Hooton's take on the SFO and Cullen, suggesting that Cullen should put up or shut the F**K up.