Sunday, 14 September 2008

Boxing on = part deux.

Well, well, well, Winston confirmed at a huge boxing match in Las Vegas. With free tickets..
Story in the Herald on sunday

So who did he meet while he was there?

Why other boxing associations does he have and my - isnt he getting shitty -?

Winston Peters and Rodney Hide are embroiled in a new slugfest - this time over who paid for a trip that the Foreign Affairs Minister made to a glitzy world-title boxing fight in Las Vegas.
Act leader Rodney Hide has raised what he says are "serious questions" over the trip in May last year, claiming several "very credible" sources had told him that Peters' airfares, accommodation and tickets to the Oscar de la Hoya-Floyd Mayweather fight were paid for by wealthy businessman George Calvert.
But Peters said yesterday that Hide's claims were a "pile of crap" and challenged him to put up, or shut up. Peters had been in Europe on official Foreign Affairs business at the time and made a private trip from Berlin to Las Vegas to attend the title fight before heading on to Singapore.

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Alan said...

I think this one relating to
Winston may be a bit of a 'damp squid' unfortunately.