Thursday, 11 September 2008

Boxing on.......

has a interesting piece on the possibility of evidence being fabricated being presented by Winston last night.....

it was a memo from Marco Marinkovich - the same marinkovich that was caught up in a boxing fundraising scandal back in 2003
From tvnz archives

The Trust's acting chairperson Marco Marinkovich says Lonergan's payout was a deserved cut.
"The poor bugger earned his money, he worked his arse off for it. If we spent $375,000 to save the lives of a few kids that's a fair price to pay."
But Marinkovich says the Trust will review publicity about how the money is spent.
The Fundraising Institute accused the Trust of a lack of transparency in presenting the figures with president Diane Armstrong saying expenses across a range of fundraising methods should average 24%.
Armstrong says costs of 50% can be justified for complex events but the Trust should have revealed all the facts and allowed the public to judge.
She says the institute advises that charities avoid percentage-based fees for people working for them. The event will go ahead again this year.

wow boxing - shonky money deals and a friend of Winston !!!!!

was Johnny Glozier there as well?

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Anonymous said...

This was also the same Marco Marinkovich who ran the advertising campaign for Winston during the 1996 and 1999 campaigns.