Tuesday, 16 September 2008

But is this the mad duffer who perpetrated the Foot and Mouth Hoax on Waiheke?

White powder sender told PM to leave NZ
A Taranaki farmer has admitted sending a letter filled with white powder to Prime Minister Helen Clark at Parliament last month.
Douglas Hancock, 61, who farms near Matau, 42km east of Inglewood, pleaded guilty in Hawera District Court to making criminal threats.
Three staff members and a security officer had to be decontaminated, and 58 employees evacuated from the eighth floor housing the Department of the Prime Minister after the letter was delivered on August 13.
The letter called Miss Clark a "gutter mole" and warned her to get out of the country while she still could.
The powder was eventually discovered to be flour.
Hancock was remanded on bail for sentencing next month.

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