Sunday, 7 September 2008

Eyes Wide Shut

Theres a new political blog site - its really ugly and it says its not aligned to any political party but its only criticising National so its a guerrilla site. no actually they aren't good enough to be called political guerrillas - more like street walkers down in the political red light district.. Sad, very sad.

if you must heres the link. Really bad political site run by spotty dorks


homepaddock said...

They're breaching the EFA because they have no way of controlling the number of posters and leaflets are distributed and therefore no way of accounting for them

Isn't it funny how those aligned to the parties which rammed through the EFA ignore it?

Doug said...

Whois Record
admin_contact_phone: +64 4 9056582
technical_contact_name: Fergus Wheeler

A real labour lacky you should read his submissiom to the EFA.

Anonymous said...

These anti-National sites all seem to be run by spotty little dorks straight out of uni.
If they had to actually grow up and live in the real world and pay huge tax bills and mortgages they might actally learn something about life.

On another note, why on earth should people who live overseas be allowed to vote? They have no idea what the current environment is like yet get a say in how the rest of us have to live. From TV tonight they all seem to vote Green - and they were all spotty bearded little oiks.