Monday, 15 September 2008

more on Winston on Maori TV

Says the party still supports him.

Re John Key

Will leave it to people of NZ to decide who goes with who after election

Re the Media

People are leaving print media because they dont trust them....

Singles out Ralston for criticism - says Ralston hates him.

Re being perfect

He says he has made more sacrifices than most... arrggghhhhh!!!!!!!!! I hate when he says that!

Re the media

I can tell you where the bile is bitter now and its in their collective....

Re the privileges committee

Say members have attacked him - not getting a fair go - reckons he wont get a fair go.

Privs committee

says he demolished Glens evidence


Membership higher than its ever been

Interview recorded last Friday

He is mad and bad!


Inventory2 said...

One word for Winston - Diddums!

bustedblonde said...

was out there wasnt it - the more indepth interview the madder he looks

Inventory2 said...

I honestly wonder if both he and the PM have become so out of touch with reality that they actually believe that everything they do is right. Each seems incapable of admitting an error, and that makes John Key's "normality" seem to be a very, very attractive quality in a leader.