Monday, 15 September 2008

Not leaving Las Vegas and other trifles

Hooton has some developments in the Las Vegsas saga .

So why on earth did Helen clark sanction this trip? And who did pay -

And for those who listen to morning report - wasnt Brent Edwards red stripe showing this morning? Plunket can hardly keep the incredulity out of his voice as Edwards continues to sucky licky up to Labour .... I see the term lick spittle bandied about a bit on the blogs but this very very biased commentator ( he's never done any thing worthy of the title journalist) is the king of lickspittles..

The bosses over at RNZ need to take a good look at who is managing their political coverage during the election if NZ voters are going to get good information


Spaz said...

How long is it since RNZ had a real incisive political journalist? Perhaps it is the inevitable situation confronting a government agency.

Budgieboy said...

Never fear guys ...MSM get's left behind again scratching their nuts and wondering whats happened... till a member of the VRWC makes a move... could be interesting...