Wednesday, 3 September 2008

NZ's defence force good for protecting wine industry

This is seriously sad - so we have put the bells and whistles on the hercs but the wings and props could fall off and the hueys can only fly in the daytime when its cold and low to the ground and good weather.

So the hercs will make great kids playgrounds and the hueys will be amazingly successful at frost protection for the grape industry ! !

The report says :

The airforce had "insufficient personnel" to meet air and ground crew levels and it was only "partially prepared" for complex maritime air operations.
The C-130 Hercules upgrade would extend their service life and improve avionics, but "despite the modifications, the engines, propellers, and some other systems will remain as possible sources of unservicabilities (could not be fixed)".
The helicopter wing was also hit by crew shortages which limited their availability.
When they had crews the helicopters were limited in what they could do.
"In particular, the performance of the Iroquois in bad weather, at night and in hot and high conditions is unsatisfactory,"

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