Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Owen Glenn - a glimpse of a good dude

A nice glimpse of the real Owen Glenn by The Herald

A tiny crucifix sits on the desk in front of Owen Glenn. It is wooden with a silver Christ and is the first thing he gets out when he sits down and the first thing he picks up when he is done.
"He's my staunchest ally," he says of the figure on the cross.
It hasn't been a pleasant hour for the Catholic billionaire.
The select committee room is packed to see if he could stack up his claims that New Zealand First leader Winston Peters asked him for $100,000.
Ministers' assistants, almost the whole National Party caucus, Rodney Hide, media, commentators and political scientists have all come to see this lesson in politics at its most visceral play out.

Owen Glenn a man of conviction

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alex Masterley said...

I see that I was sort of right about the material that Mr Glenn would provide to the Priveleges committee.
Good to see the old crystal ball still works.
It will be up to Mr Peters now to provide "facts" that counter what Mr Glenn has said. I think that will be difficult for him as he has not disclosed any contemporary evidence or "facts" supporting his own position during this whole farce.