Friday, 12 September 2008


Its showtime !

The battle lines have been drawn but sadly, like the gun that killed the copper in South Auckland, the political cannons of choice will be much more sophisticated than those of past decades.

We operate in a brave new world and its power is staggering.

Today we get our information from so many sources routed through the Internet, TV, Radio and Tactile media. It will be interesting how much impact this era of pixelated messages, fired out at lightening speed, will have on each one of us the next few weeks.

It will be a very dirty campaign, I have friends from all points of the political compass but these days we are eyeing each other warily as we retreat to our corners to support our respective
parties for the main match.

Will we see criminal charges laid against Winston ? Will we finally learn what the neutron bomb is about-that thing that labour lackeys whisper about when they want to curry favour with national mates. The bomb they say, that will cause collateral damage to National. Not likely.

In a masterly stroke Clark can also count on Winston's unstinting support and silence during the election as his political survival relies on him pouring lime on the bodies in the back room . That means a vote for NZ First is a vote for Labour and a vote for Labour is a vote for NZ First, a corrupt, venal, power hungry political marriage from hell - or you can vote National.

Key and Clark will vie for our attention in the main ring of the Aotearoa Big Top - the sideshow will stay Winstons. It is the corridor of mirrors, where nothing is what it seems, where Winston is most at home.

He has already marked out his territory by pissing all over the media. He is not expert in the new communication wonderland. His creation of the media as the uber- enemy in this campaign will ultimately be his undoing.

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