Thursday, 4 September 2008

SFO needs to talk to Meurant

Rodney Hide has done a wonderful job of bringing a lot of information to the attention of the SFO.

  • While the focus to date is on the Glenn and the Vela donations, the SFO must not lose sight of the fact that the key to unravelling the Vela and Simunovich is Ross Meurant.

    No doubt he will be looking for payment to stay quiet, from the people who need to keep him quiet. And there are a few of them.

    Meurant holds the key to the closet where the skeletons are stacked up in a considerable heap.

    So why did Ian Fraser meet with Meurant at the time of the TVNZ Crapper Tape?

    How much did Meurant get paid to “go away?”

    Where is he now?

    Why isn’t the news media chasing down the heart of the Winston story?

    And will John Key call for the SFO to broaden its inquiry?

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