Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The shadow scribe and a round up

It seems the readers of Roarprawn see the shadow of an old journalist lurking amongst the fonts on the blog page.

Busted Blonde has three yarns she is following up now thanks to diligent and outraged people emailing to bustedblonde@gmail.com.

All published articles will be given bottles of good wine from Olssens.

The prawns reckon that the scandal surrounding the Las Vegas trip will deepen over the next couple of days as those involved duck for cover.

And what game are the Velas playing at? First they indicate that they want Winston gone - and did it quite publicly by all accounts some months back - Now they are looking to muddy the waters over the Karaka meeting. The Prawns think that this story has gone in directions that the Velas never anticipated and now they are trying to close it down.

And of course we all wait for the evidence that Brian Henry produces today - Roarprawn will keep you updated.

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