Monday, 1 September 2008

this is gonna be one hellava dirty election campaign

This from the PM this morning.

This is the PM who said she would leave the SFO to investigate and she supported the investigation.

This is the PM who now questions the integrity of our anti corruption agency when it is time for it to invesitgate one of the most disturbing of allegations - the very corruption of our politicians.

This is the PM we are supposed to look up to.

Shame on her.

We are a banana republic after all and it appears that somewhere on her overseas jaunts the PM has been standing too close to Mugabe...

"I find the National Party’s statement and timing interesting because I would say it’s almost certain they got a tip from the Serious Fraud Office that it was about to move,” Miss Clark said today on TV One’s Breakfast programme.
“I challenge them directly to come clean because I think it’s a very serious thing if an agency like the SFO is leaking to the Opposition.”

What a load of bollocks - the SFO has nothing to gain by damaging its reputation while its involved in such serious allegations.

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