Thursday, 18 September 2008

Time to share the love - the Right thing to do

This is an advert - Roarprawn has grown so quickly that the blonde has become a frazzled wreck ( that is not a pretty sight!) and her sidekick - who helps, is in meltdown...

So the Prawn is looking for a blogger who wants a home with a bit of traffic.

Will consider only blue , light blue and yellow. no black, red, pink or green political persuasions.

Boys or girls - or even someone who hasnt made up their mind on that score is welcome.

I'm not one for spotty boys but if you are insanely passionate about politics and have a poster of Sarah Palin on your bedroom wall you will be considered.

And I'm open to any geriatrics as long as you dont have too many toilet stops and can remember where you put your glasses.

And no there is no money but you will get invited to some pretty interesting soirees from time to time.

applications to

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Inventory2 said...

It gets addictive eh BB! I took ten months to do my first 500 posts, then clocked up the next 500 in three months! But in those three months, my traffic has more than doubled, so I guess there's a market for my opinions. Right - I'd better do some REAL work!!!