Thursday, 18 September 2008

We are in for a shit fight today -

Hooton says that Labour are intent on muddying the waters over the Peters corruption scandal and will attempt to run the line that glen funded National.

here is an excerpt

Clark/Peters Axis to accuse Glenn of funding National
Stand by for more insane spin out of the Beehive today, following up Michael Cullen’s ridiculous claim that John Key was in some way responsible for the world financial meltdown and Helen Clark’s disgusting performance yesterday trying to link Key to 60 body bags.
Today, I’m told by people with close links to the Beehive spin machine, the Clark/Peters, Labour First Axis will claim that Owen Glenn has been secretly funding that National Party and that National has then “hidden” these “donations” by failing to declare them to the Electoral Commission. Peters wants to appear before the Privileges Committee in public to make this claim. Clark hopes it will generate sufficient doubt to smear National and avoid her having to fire Peters, who it now seems clear has something on her or her government, preventing her from acting, as Bill English has alleged.
The basis of this latest lunatic spin, according to those I have spoken with, is that $40,000 of the $100,000, that Owen Glenn paid on Peters’ request to his lawyer Brian Henry, was then paid to the National Party or a trust associated with the National Party to pay the $40,000 court-costs ordered against Peters as a result of the court finding there was no merit in Peters’ case in Peters v Clarkson

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I doubt smearing National like this will work.
People will see the desperation.
But if it means Dear Leader gest to keep her poodle, that is good.
We cannot have her showing leadership, even if she delivers it too late.

Lindsay Addie said...

Right on the money FFM.

Let the silly buggers throw the mud, and the more the better as it just highlights the fact the Labour's policies for the election campaign are still stuck on a big fat zero.

Please Helen whatever you do don't get rid of that troublesome Poodle.

Pique Oil said...

As pathetic as it sounds this will work in their minds. They are so removed from reality that they "know" it will work and that is the real scary bit.

Inventory2 said...

Good to see Tracy Watkins in the Dom-Post and John Armstrong in the Herald climbing in on the bodybags comment this morning.