Saturday, 6 September 2008

Who's line is it anyway? - A starter for ten........

Hat Tip Homepaddock

Google News search clips

which takes you to the Quotes section

which reveals hundreds of quotes including some of these gems

Aug 31, 2008 Brazzil Magazine (4 occurrences)
Mr Peters accused the SFO of "creeping around back doors dropping hints and providing media speculation but not finding any evidence of wrongdoing or illegality".
Aug 27, 2008 National Business Review (5 occurrences)
Peters, 63, agreed to stand down from his post on Friday after calling the allegations "vile, malevolent, evil and wrong."
Aug 29, 2008 TREND Information (4 occurrences)
When asked, Mr Peters said: "There's no question ever that any such a thing ever did happen."
Sep 3, 2008 New Zealand Herald (2 occurrences)
"Um, I've asked of my officials is there something to disclose here within the law, the answer is no there is not," Mr Peters said.

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