Friday, 5 September 2008

Will the Eumenides have their day?

Friday Round up

Best line goes to Bob Jones in his column in the Dom Post.

Is it possible that somewhere in darkest Africa, an ancient toothless crone muttering gibberish in the corner of her hut might believe Winston's story over the $100,000 Glenn payment? If so then she will be alone in the world.

And the Dom has an "on the money" piece that clearly shows -

  • Winston lied

  • Dail didnt know what way was up

  • NZ First are complicit in decieving the country

And the Herald looks at the issue of what the money was used for.

Peter Williams didnt do himself any favours either as he railed against the Privileges committee on Morning Report this morning .

Busted Blonde is also convinced the Prime Minister still knows way more that she has said.


A few years back when I released the enormity of Winstons duplicity someone suggested that if all the threads were bought together someone would go to jail.

While Bob Jones hears the rantings of a crone as the last true believer in the cult of Winston,
I hear the Furies teeth nashing as they see to it that justice is done.

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